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Did you know that a mask can reduce sound by 10-12 decibels making it really difficult to hear soft sounds of speech which are critical for speech understanding? You might HEAR that someone is saying something, but not fully UNDERSTAND the message. The “mask effect” affects everyone! A normal hearing person will notice sounds are somewhat muffled and will struggle. Add hearing loss to the equation and effective communication becomes extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. And, don’t forget about nonverbal communication, including facial expressions – also negatively affected by the use of face masks. 


Here’s a great solution – a mask that allows you to see what the wearer is saying.

Now you can lessen the negative effects of masks.




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These masks are made of 2 layers of 100% cotton, they are soft while still being a tightly woven cotton*. The clear vinyl window allows people to see what you're saying. The looped tie allows you to synch the side of the mask to fit your face shape so it limits the gaping on the sides. 


Product description:

- 2 layers of 100% cotton adjustable face masks with clear vinyl panel.

-100% tightly woven cotton.

-Clear vinyl window panel.

-Adjustable loop tie means the masks fit most.

-Neck loop with head ties allows for synching on sides for better fit.

-Head tie means no interference with ear devices, hearing aids, or glasses.

-Washable and reusable.

-$15 each


Masks ready to ship in approximately 2 weeks from order.

*Cotton Sateen  4oz/135.64 gsm -5 oz/169.53 gsm or Cotton Twill 6 oz -200 gsm based on availability. Color may vary based on availability. 16 gauge vinyl.

All sales are final. 

Please note these are not KN95 or N95 masks and not intended for surgical use. For CDC guidance on cloth masks visit


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