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Made in USA

About Us

Like many other people during the COVID-19 pandemic we found we had to make changes to our everyday life that we had never considered, like wearing a mask or face covering every time we leave the house.   

Working in the hearing industry we saw a new challenge emerge, people that had hearing loss struggled significantly because part of what they relied on was seeing what the person talking to them was saying. We saw stories that inspired us about people finding ways to make clear panel masks, but we struggled with the fit and we needed much more than volunteer mask makers could help us with so we found an alternate solution. 

We had one of our volunteer mask making moms come up with a pattern that we liked and we worked with a local clothing manufacturer to help turn her mask into a reality that we could make for our team.  We had a few more than we needed and offered them up to some friends in the hearing industry, then the idea took off.  We saw what a great need there was, not just for our community, but for so many people. That's where The Hearing Spot™ Clear Panel mask began. We're proud to partner with a local business for these made in America masks. 

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