The ANTI-FOG solution for all clear window masks! Noticed fogging on your clear window mask? Apply this ANTI-FOG strip to the inside of masks clear window with it's easy to apply adhesive, just like you would apply a screen protector to a cellphone. Easy to apply within minutes.


Product Dimensions:

4 Inches x 2 Inches


ANTI-FOG Strip Instructions:

1.    Wipe the clear panel on your mask so it’s clean and dry.

2.    Measure your square to see if you need to trim it to fit your window, trim if necessary.

3.    There are two protective films to peel off, peel off the adhesive side first and apply to the mouth side of your clear panel mask. Work from the center out to push out any air bubbles.

4.    Next, peel off the clear protective film on the anti-fog side. (It's the side with the sticker).

5.    Follow regular mask cleaning instructions.


All sales are final due to safety reasons.

Replaceable ANTI-FOG Strip (10-Pack)

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